Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Five Elements: The Void - Syd Barrett

"Astronomy Domine" - acrylic - 9" x 12"

The Void (Syd Barrett, guitarist/songwriter): The Void is associated with creative energy, spontaneity, and inventiveness. It is also considered the highest of the elements as it gives birth to Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Syd is the quintessential Void: he created the Floyd, as well as provided them with a powerful creative and inventive force. He also all but disappeared into a void (choosing to live as a near recluse for most of his life post-Floyd), as well as created a void within the band with his departure. This absence provided the inspiration for the album Wish You Were Here. Syd is still a formidable creative force, inspiring many famous musicians and artists, such as David Bowie and Robyn Hitchcock. And me, of course.

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