Thursday, March 12, 2009

"The revolution is a story of birds..."

It's hard to believe, but my quarter has finally come to an end. It was busy, busy, BUSY, but I really like my work and where it's going, so all the work was very much worth it. Here is the final piece I created for my portfolio class:

An album redesign for (if you couldn't tell) Ça Ira, a wonderful little opera about the early days of the French revolution. The text was hand lettered and added to the piece in Photoshop. The original piece is in acrylic, 14" x 14".

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not long after my talented pal Jade posted a work in progress of a gryphon, I end up getting an assignment to do a gryphon as well. Go figure, eh?

The piece is an idea for merchandising for a local cafe called the Gryphon Tea Room. There are quite a few student submissions for it, so I don't know how keen they'll be on mine, but I am getting paid for submitting the idea, and being an art student I'm not one to say "no" to receiving money!

The first image is the original in acrylic and the second is a color sample done in Photoshop.