Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gold Crown Portfolio Night

Back in February I volunteered to be part of a panel of professional, Denver-based artists to present portfolios and give critique to young artists at the Gold Crown Enrichment organization in Lakewood. I was very happy to be a part of the panel, especially since I not only got to offer advice to the students, but also meet some very talented artists in different fields. Gold Crown put together a little video of highlights from the night. You can see a couple of shots of me in the stills.

In addition to the portfolio night, I have also been volunteering at Gold Crown as an art mentor. I've mainly been working with middle-school aged girls during Gold Crown's "Girl's Night". When I first started the girls were putting together anti-bullying videos using scripts that they had written. They also edited the video on their own. I wanted to share the fruits of their efforts, as I'm really impressed with not only the amount of work the girls put in, but also the messages and insight that they share on bullying in schools.

I actually got to help film the first part of the "Fake Crush" skit that the girls wrote. It's kind of funny to watch since Grace and Maria, who play the bullies in the film, are actually the polar opposite of the characters; they are always willing to help and listen to the younger members at Gold Crown.

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