Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drawings from Life at the Science Museum

Today I decided to take a page from the great Paul Hostetler's book and venture out into the world for a bit of life drawing. Unlike Paul, however, I opted for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science rather than a coffee shop...and a pencil instead of a brush pen, meaning the work is far less spectacular. My excuse was to try out a new travel sketchbook: a Hand Book artist journal (I have the square one). They may be a bit small for some people, but I quite liked it. The paper has a good tooth, it's small enough to fit in my purse, and supposedly it takes light watercolor washes (though I have yet to try that out).


A perturbed guanaco!

Lolruses (lolri?) in search of their long lost bukkit!

And my personal favorite, an entelodont: a prehistoric pig-like creature about the size of a rhino.


  1. Very nice! Gotta love entelodonts; giant carnivorous pigs! What amazing things nature has produced. :)

    I had stuff to take care of in the studio today or I might have gone out for a sketch crawl as well.

  2. This is exactly like the cafe, only with better facial hair.