Saturday, October 17, 2009

"HIPnotize" opening reception

Last night was the opening reception for the HIPnotize show, and I'm very pleased to report it went exceedingly well. There was a plethora of food (and wine!), fantastic art, and amazing dancing performances. Everyone had a wonderful time.

The very talented Nicole Edge and Christa Rosenkranz from Cairo on the Coast. We had originally planned to have the dance performances outside, but the Savannah weather decided it didn't want to cooperate (it was a bit chilly and rainy), so we moved the dancers into the gallery. It was a bit cramped, but I am glad we had them inside as the work provided a great backdrop and really brought everything together.

Razi from the troupe Mei'attah Raqs.

Alexandra Clotfelter, who contributed some beautiful posters to the show as well as dancing.

Carrie Padgett's beautiful painting.

Christa's posters, which are available for sale for $15 each.

Mary Larsen's watercolor dancers with Carrie's wonderful abstract dancer paintings.

Details of Mary's paintings. The dancers on either end are my favorites, but I love them all!

Details of Carrie's abstract paintings.

Christa's large dancer paintings.

Alexandra's posters.

Very happy artists...

...and equally happy dancers.

I want to say thank you to everyone that made it out to the show, and extend an extra special thank you to my fellow HIPnotize artists. I couldn't ask for a better group of artists to exhibit with, or a better group of friends.

Also, if you missed the opening you can view some videos of the dancer performances here. The work will be up until Wednesday, October 23rd, and the gallery is open from 2-5pm. All the work is available for purchase. If you can't make it to the gallery but are interested in purchasing one of the pieces (or a print of one of the pieces), just send me an email and I can put you in touch with the artist.

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