Sunday, January 4, 2009

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Wright

So when it came to the grand break for the holidays, I completely failed at being productive. I had plans for new pieces to do in preparation for my illustration portfolio class for the winter quarter, but instead I curled up into a little ball of complacency and laziness (I wrote it off as "enjoying my last real break before graduating"). However, I did scrounge up enough work ethic to begin something that fall classes kept me from doing...

On the very first day of fall classes I woke to the news that one of my favorite musicians, Mr. Richard Wright of Pink Floyd, had passed away. Two years earlier his former band mate, Syd Barrett, passed away, and when that happened I began a memorial painting for Syd, thus unofficially starting a trend. The only problem with this trend is that at some point (hopefully in the distant future) I will have 5 large portrait paintings commemorating my favorite band. Let's hope I break into illustration so I can afford a decent sized dwelling, eh?

I'm not quite sure when I'll finish Mr. Wright as winter classes start...oh...tomorrow, but at the very least the painting process has begun. Now Syd will have a buddy. :)

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