Monday, September 29, 2008

New year, new art, new blog!

I suppose there's nothing like starting your senior year of college off like a new blog...right? Right?! I'm hoping it is, anyway. I decided to make the grand switch from LiveJournal to Blogger in hopes of starting my move from illustration student to illustration professional. I don't know how that will work out, but we'll keep our fingers crossed, eh? In the meantime, I should probably post some new work...

This is the first project I've completed for my Advertising Illustration class. We were supposed to pick a wine label (ANY label) and redesign it. I chose Thierry & Guy's Fat Bastard because, really, how many times can you legitimately use a curse word in an assignment? There were also hippos involved. How can you say no to that? Anyway, I'm not particularly fond of the lower text placement, but I couldn't really think of any better alternatives. The art I'm pleased with, though. It's a combination of pen & ink, watercolor, coffee, charcoal pencil, and aging varnish. I'll be placing the label on an actual wine bottle. If I can get a decent picture I'll be posting that, as well.

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